What Sonos speakers have line-in and what can I connect to them?

Enjoying music streaming with Sonos, but want to make use of those vinyl records, CDs and tapes?

If so, this guide shows you how easy it is to add an external audio source to your Sonos system so that you can enjoy your physical music collection on almost any Sonos speaker in your home.

All you’ll need to get started is your chosen audio player, a suitable audio cable and a Sonos device equipped with a line-in connection. 

All you’ll need to get started is your chosen audio player, a suitable audio cable and a Sonos device equipped with a line-in connection. 

Here’s a list of Sonos products with line-in connectivity:

There are also a number of discontinued Sonos products which also support line-in playback, which include:

  • Sonos Connect*
  • Sonos Connect: amp*
  • Sonos Play:5 (Gen 1** & Gen 2)

* Please note that most Sonos Connect and Connect: amp devices will only function on the Sonos S1 platform. You may need to upgrade to an S2-compatible device if you wish to integrate with S2-only systems.

However, some later Connect and Connect: amps made from 2015 onwards are often S2-compatible. More information can be sought from your Sonos account on a desktop device.

** The Sonos Five Gen 1 is S1-compatible only, whereas the Gen 2 can work on either platform.

Connecting CD Players, Tape Decks and Other Line-level devices to Sonos

CD Players, cassette decks and other line-level devices (like MiniDisc recorders or MP3 players/jukeboxes, etc) can all connect directly to your chosen Sonos product with a line-in connection without the need for additional equipment in between.

All of the audio players highlighted above output sound at line-level, meaning that their audio signal doesn’t need to be pre-amplified before being sent into a Sonos speaker or device.

Connecting to a Sonos Port or Sonos Amp

Most physical audio players make use of RCA connections, which appear on the back of your chosen device in the form of a red and a white connector.

The following steps also apply to older Sonos products like the Connect and Connect: amp


Use an RCA to RCA lead (sometimes known as phono to phono lead) to link the output of your audio player to the corresponding connectors on the Sonos Port or Sonos Amp.


Observe the colour of each plug matches the colour of the connectors at each end for keeping the stereo channels correct.


Once connected and both the receiving Sonos device and audio player are powered up, head to the Sonos app and select ‘Line-In’ from the Browse section. Group to as many Sonos speakers as you like.


Press play on your audio player, sit back and enjoy your music collection on Sonos.

Connecting to a Sonos Five

The Sonos Five features a 3.5mm audio jack instead of conventional RCA connections. In this case, you’ll need to use an RCA to 3.5mm lead between the output of your audio player and the input of the Sonos Five.

Once connected, follow steps 3-4 from the above section to enjoy your audio player with your Sonos Five.

The above steps also apply to the previous Sonos Play:5 Gen 1 and Gen 2 models, too.

Connecting A Turntable to Sonos

If you’re considering dusting-off your old turntable or using a new one with Sonos, then you’ll be able to enjoy the classic sound of vinyl on your Sonos system.

Due to the low level output of vinyl, certain turntables need to use a phono preamp before connecting to Sonos. However, many newer turntables tend to have their own preamp built in. More information on determining if your turntable features a preamp or not is available here: Do I need to use a Preamp with my Turntable?

For full details on enjoying your turntable with Sonos, feel free to check-out our specialist guide How can I Connect a Turntable to my Sonos System.

If in any doubt, feel free to let us know and an expert will be pleased to help you further.

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